Formulary News
-  Generic Drugs
    9/11/2003 (FDA)
-  Performance Drug List Add's and Deletions
    7/1/2005 (null)
  General: Health
-  Dealing with diabetes: Medical and lifestyle management
    8/18/2004 (
-  If you paid for LupronŽ, you could get a payment from a class action settlement
    1/11/2005 (United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts)
-  If you paid for PaxilŽ, or a generic paroxetine, you could get a payment from a $65 million class action settlement
    1/1/2005 (Paxil Settlement Administrator)
  Script Care News
-  Instructions for patients on how to receive refund for unused VIOXX
    11/30/2004 (Merck)
-  VIOXX Withdrawal
    9/30/2004 (null)

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