Script Care Vision Program
Because you are currently a member of Script Care's prescription drug program, you also are eligible to participate in the value-added Script Care Vision Program. The program is available to all Script Care members at no additional cost, and you pay no premium. If you are interested in learning more about the Script Care Vision Program, please contact your Script Care account manager. Sign up now to take advantage of this discount program. It's fast and it's simple.

How do members use the program?
It's simple. First, you locate a participating provider. When you arrive for the appointment, you show your Script Care Vision Program ID card. Members receive a discount on the spot. There are no claims to file, and there is no waiting for reimbursement.

What types of discounts are available?
Members of the Script Care Vision Program are eligible for discounts on many eye care services and products. Although discounts are subject to change and may vary by region and by prescription, typical savings are:
- Up to 40% on frames
- Up to 40% on bifocals
- Up to 15% on non-disposable contact lenses

Do discounts apply to eye exams?
Members can get complete eye examinations from licensed, independent opthalmologists and optometrists at most participating locations. In addition, many other opthalmologists and optometrists have agreed to discount their normal examination fee by $5 and their normal contact lens exam fee by $10. And, regardless of where a member is examined, he or she can still get a discount on lens prescriptions at any participating optical center.

How many providers participate in the program?
There are thousands of participating provider locations nationwide. Providers are conveniently located in stores like Lenscrafters,Sears, Target and most Pearle Vision Centers. For a list of providers near you, contact EyeMed Vision Care at
1-866-723-0391 or visit their website at and reference Plan Number 9232869.

If you have questions regarding your Vision Program, please contact EyeMed Vision Care at
1-866-723-0391 or visit
their web site at
You may also view the
Vision Program brochure for more information.
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