Script Care uses the advances in both computing technology and telecommunications to ensure claims services second to none. Script Care delivers on-line, real time claims processing, and management reports that keep you informed.

In our large network, Pharmacists have computer access, within seconds of the participant's prescription request, to member eligibility and individual plan design. This insures that the pharmacy dispenses only to those who are eligible, at a correct and precise level, and at the Script Care contract price.

Through the implementation of quality Script Care systems, Participants are provided prompt, reliable, and accurate processing of their prescriptions.

Our plan sponsors also gain access to our utilization commitee for reviewing and analyzing data so you can track your costs. All reports are easy to understand and generated at your request. Including such reports as the following:

 General Reports
  Accepted Group Claims
  Cost Summary / Comparison
  Deductible / Co-Pay Review
  Top Subscribers
  Controlled Substances
 Drug Utilization Reports
  Drug Utilitzation by Therapeutic Class
  Top Drugs in Therapeutic Class
  Physicians by Therapeutic Class
  Physician Rank By Number of Prescriptions
  Participants with more than $100 Expense
  Capitation Overview
  Member Utilization
  Provider Compliance
  Savings to Date
  Reinsurance Tracking

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