The Formulary section is designed to help you understand formulary, as well as locate drugs that are part of Script Care's Formulary list.
Below is a high-level summary of Script Care's Formulary, grouped by major categories.
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Formulary Questions
What is Formulary or how does it work?
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Formulary Summary
Formulary Overview
Printable Versions of the 2007 Formulary
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2007 Performance Drug List (2 pages)


2007 Performance Drug List (Alphabetical)


2007 Detailed Performance Drug List


2006 Formulary Update 9/25/06

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In most cases the dosages forms and strengths of the drugs listed are considered formulary. Exclusions may vary depending on your group benefit.
Not all strengths and dosage forms may be available generically. State law or benefit design may not allow the substitution of certain products.
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