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  1. If part of the pharmacy's name or address is known, type it in the blank and click "Search". For example, to search for all pharmacies with the word "generic" in the name, type "generic" and click "Search".
  2. If two or more words are known, you can search for both at the same time by typing the word "and" between them. For example, to find all pharmacies containing the words "Main" and "Houston" in the pharmacies name or address, you can type "Main and Houston" in the blank.
  3. If unsure of the spelling, you can put an asterisk (*) for the part you're unsure about. For example, if you not sure the pharmacy is Walgreen, Walgreens or Walgreen's, but you know it's in Dallas, you can enter "Walgreen* and Dallas".
Note:  To choose a different search method(ie. by Name, by City, by Distance), click Participating Pharmacy in the Search Box to the left.
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